Prof. Shu-Ting Chang (Camberra, Australia )
Prof. Salomon Wasser ( Haifa, Israel )
Dr. John Holliday ( Hawaii, USA )
Dr. Ivan Jakopovich  ( Croatia )
Prof. Ulrike Lindequist  ( Germany )
Prof. Marin Berovic  ( Slovenia )
Prof. Giuseppe Venturella  ( Italy )
Dr. Raj D Rai   ( India )
Prof. Peter C.K. Cheung  ( Hong Kong )
Prof. Hirokazu Kawagishi  ( Japan )
Prof. Vikineswary Sabaratnam ( Malaysia )
Prof. Ramiro Gonzales ( Argentina )
Prof. Ha Won Kim  ( South Korea )
Dr. Edgardo Alberto ( Argentina )
Dr. Julio Montoya   ( Colombia )
Prof. Marcela Franco  ( Colombia )
Dr. Sandra Montoya Barreto ( Colombia )
Dr. Angela Amazonas ( Brazil )
Dr. Angel Rafael Trigos ( Mexico )


Concerning the current situation that many scientists request more time to revise their abstracts and full paper, the deadline for Submission of abstracts has been delayed until 15th of March, 2015.

First Circular

We are pleased to announce the 8th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference. The meeting will be held in Manizales, Colombia, 24-27 August 2015. We invite scientists and students, mycologists, medical doctors, immunologists, contagious disease specialists, naturopaths, biochemists, and all those who are interested in studying and discussing the most current research on medicinal mushrooms and their properties.

Medicinal mushrooms have an established history of use in traditional oriental therapies. Contemporary research has validated and documented much of the ancient knowledge. The interdisciplinary field of medicinal mushrooms studies was developed and continues to reveal unique and potent properties of compounds extracted from a wide range of medicinal mushroom species in the last three decades. Currently, the field is growing into a very fruitful area of science. Modern clinical practice in Japan, China, Korea, and other countries relies on mushroom-derived preparations.

The world of mushrooms is extremely abundant and diverse. The number of mushroom species on Earth is currently estimated at 160,000; yet, perhaps only 10% (approximately 16,000 named species) are known to science. Mushrooms are being evaluated for their nutritional value and acceptability as well as for their pharmacological properties. Recently studied medicinal actions of mushrooms include antitumor, immunomodulating, antioxidant, radical scavenging, cardiovascular, anti-hypercholesterolemia, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, hepatoprotective, and anti-diabetic effects. The majority of studies in medicinal mushroom science today include the anticancer action of mushroom components.

The market of dietary supplements from mushrooms is quickly growing and comprises a value of approximately $18 billion US dollars today, representing approximately 10% (roughly $200 billion USD) of the general market of dietary supplements. Due to current trends in the medicinal mushroom industry, organization of the International Medicinal Mushroom Conferences (IMMC) has become extremely important. It is imperative to bring together scientists from different medicinal mushroom fields to discuss scientific breakthroughs and to share current results from research being carried out all over the world.

In September 2001, the first IMMC was held in Kiev in the Ukraine. The second IMMC was conducted in Thailand. The third IMMC was held in 2005 in Port Townsend, USA. The fourth IMMC was held in Slovenia, Lubljana, in 2007. In 2009 the 5th IMMC was held in Nantong, China. In 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia, the 6th IMMC was organized. The last (7) IMMC was organized in Beijing, China. To date, seven IMMCs (3 in Europe, 3 in Asia, and 1 in North America) have been organized. Now we are proud to announce the 8th IMMC in Manizales, Colombia. This conference will be the first IMMC to be held in South America.

Introduction to Manizales

The City

Manizales was founded in 1849 by pioneer Fermin Lopez from Antioquia. The city is located in the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes, near the Nevado del Ruiz (snow- capped volcano) which reaches an altitude of 5,400 meters. The city itself is located at an altitude of 2,150 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. It has a population of approximately 400,000 people. The city's economy has evolved around the coffee industry and today is recognized as an important educational, political and industrial center.


Not only is the coffee brand Café de Colombia, recognized; tourism operators, regional and national governments as well as the community, have demonstrated the broad possibilities of coffee as a differentiating factor for tourists.

Construction of infrastructure such as roads, design of new products and outreach programs around coffee, like rural hotels in the coffee estates. Specialized tours that guide visitors through the process of coffee planting, threshing and roasting. Scale manufacture of specialty coffee in various areas.

The coffee institutions with open doors, in the areas of research, training, industry and environment, allow visitors to access privileged information about coffee.

The possibilities for the tourist to share the culture and traditions of coffee producing families in Caldas.

Mountain landscapes, filled with coffee crops accompanied by great biodiversity and the possibility of tasting high quality coffees and recipes in several presentations during their visit.

All this, makes tourism and coffee a dynamic partnership; the two maintain a relationship that is consolidated day by day and getting closer to the heart of a country filled with feelings.

Coffee Architecture

Roads filled with Color and Energy

Coffee’s Architecture is a particular and obvious feature for tourists and visitors to the Caldas Coffee Zone.

Farms, ranches, inns and camps are part of the buildings by the roads and paths where coffee is produced.

The coffee farms are rustic buildings which organize their spaces in an “L” or “U” shapes, whose center is a paved courtyard where coffee is dried. The houses are surrounded by large corridors which are easily walked on among plants and flowers.

Furthermore, they are characterized by having many rooms available to ‘paisas’ (local) families, usually very numerous, and seasonal workers that are housed during harvest time in their homes. Another peculiarity of these houses, are the strong colors of the walls, usually red, blue and yellow, giving it a touch of joy and contrast with the green coffee plantations.

The coffee estates have been transformed into lodgings that allow visitors to enjoy pleasant days in houses that retain the characteristics of the late nineteenth century, but with the comfort of a city hotel.

Candidate for World Heritage

The United Nations Organization for Education, UNESCO science and culture, proposed the identification, protection and preservation of existing natural and cultural heritages in the world which are considered especially valuable to humanity. Within this framework, equity is spread as the legacy from the past, which lives in the present and which we will transmit to future generations. They are tangible and intangible elements that are indispensable in the life of a town and a reference point to its identity.

The initiative to recover and assess coffee’s cultural landscape came in 1995, grounded on the center of the Council Branch of Monuments of Caldas and the support of the National University, seeking the declaration of coffee as a cultural landscape heritage of humanity. In this effort, significant progress has been made to achieve the support of 159 nations of the world that signed the UNESCO Convention for the protection of cultural and natural heritage of the world through tools such as the World Heritage Fund, with the international technical assistance promoting international heritage in different media.

The theme of the conference:

Medicinal Mushrooms and Entrepreneurship Possibilities for the World's Youth, and Health Treatments for the Future

Organized by: Universidad Autónoma de Occidente de Cali (Autonomous University of the West - Cali)
Universidad de Caldas (University of the Province of Caldas)
SENA - Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (National Higher Learning Service)
Co-organized by: Universidad Javeriana de Bogota (Xaverian University of Bogota) Chamber of Commerce of the City of Manizales

Media Partner:

Date and Location
The 8th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference (IMMC8) will be held in Manizales, Colombia
Registration date: August 23, 2015

Organization Local Organizing Committee

Honorary Chairmen: Prof. Shu-Ting Chang, Prof. Solomon P. Wasser
Chairman: Prof. Carmenza Jaramillo Lopez
Vice Chairman: Dr. Angela Amazonas
General Coordination : Miss Hilda Jaramillo, Mrs. Maria Elena Jimenez and Mrs. Maria Helena Uribe

International Scientific Committee

Prof. Shu-Ting Chang (Australia)
Prof. Shu-Ting Chang (Camberra, Australia )
Prof. Salomon Wasser ( Haifa, Israel )
Dr. John Holliday ( Hawaii, USA )
Dr. Ivan Jakopovich  ( Croatia )
Prof. Ulrike Lindequist  ( Germany )
Prof. Marin Berovic  ( Slovenia )
Prof. Giuseppe Venturella  ( Italy )
Dr. Raj D Rai   ( India )
Prof. Peter C.K. Cheung  ( Hong Kong )
Prof. Hirokazu Kawagishi  ( Japan )
Prof. Vikineswary Sabaratnam ( Malaysia )
Prof. Ramiro Gonzales ( Argentina )
Prof. Ha Won Kim  ( South Korea )
Dr. Edgardo Alberto ( Argentina )
Dr. Julio Montoya   ( Colombia )
Prof. Marcela Franco  ( Colombia )
Dr. Sandra Montoya Barreto ( Colombia )
Dr. Angela Amazonas ( Brazil )
Dr. Angel Rafael Trigos ( Mexico )

Programme Committee

Prof. Shu-Ting Chang
Prof. Solomon P. Wasser
Prof. Carmenza Jaramillo Lopez
Prof. Naohito Ohno
Prof. Omon S. Isikhuemhen
Prof. Burtan Yang
Dr. Nestor Curveto 
Prof. Ulrike Lindequist
Prof. Marin Berovic
Dr. Raj D Rai
Prof. Peter C.K. Cheung

Publishing Committee

Prof. Solomon P. Wasser
Prof. Carmenza Jaramillo Lopez
Prof. Leo J. L. D. van Griensven
Dr. Hui-Chen Lo
Dr. Hilda Maria Jaramillo

Scientific Programme of Conference will include:

Keynote speeches
Plenary lectures of invited speakers
Different symposia dedicated to:
Medicinal Mushroom Science
Medicinal Mushroom Science in South America
Medicinal Values and Pharmacology of Medicinal Mushrooms
Potential Values and New Developments of Medicinal Mushroom Products
Use of Medicinal Mushrooms for Human Clinical Trials
Science and Biotechnology of Medicinal Mushrooms
Quality Control and Regulations
Industrial Production and Marketing
Technology of Cultivation and Fermentation
Ganoderma spp.: perspectives and challenges;
Ophiocordyceps and Cordyceps: perspectives and challenges;
Taiwanofungus camphoratus and other medicinal mushrooms (e.g., Hericium erinaceus, Trametes versicolor, Grifola frondosa): perspectives and challenges;
Medicinal mushrooms in animal production and health

International Mushroom Expo
Offering 100 standard stands (3 m*3m) to exhibit mushroom products and the latest research. Every standard fee per stand is US$ 2000, including one attendee’s conference fee. If you have any question about your exhibition, please send E-mail to

Call for papers

Call for papers We would be pleased to receive contributions from interested authors that follow the conference themes. Abstracts should focus on current issues relevant to progress in research and/or to industry and should be scientific and/or of technical content.

Your abstracts should clearly define the objectives of the presentation or the topics covered, key conclusions reached, and potential benefits for scientific developments and industry. Abstracts should not be more than 500 words but not less than 300.

Abstracts should be sent to immc8…(, before the 15th of January 2015. Text documents must be in Word format.

Conference fees

US$ 350 for regular attendees
US$ 150 for students
US$ 450 for late registrants (after 1 June 2015)

Conference fees include:

Conference abstracts, welcome reception, conference dinner, scientific excursion, coffee breaks

The conference will be organized in parallel sessions and poster exhibitions.

The official language of the conference is English. Only the lectures held in spanish could be traslated to English


15 January 2015 return preliminary registration form and submission of abstracts
1 April 2015 notification of authors of acceptance
1 June 2015 early registration deadline and hotel reservations
For more information visit

IMMC8 International Medicinal Mushroom Conference – Preliminary Registration Form
Regular (US$350) Student (US$150)
POST CODE-------------------CITY/STATE-------------COUNTRY--------------
ATTENDANCE Passive---Active---I prefer Oral /Poster presentation -----
TOPIC OF INTEREST-----------------------------------------------------------------

Full paper

Some excellent papers of IMMC8 will be published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms (IJMM). Please send the full paper according to journal format of the IJMM before 6 June 2015 if the IMMC8 Secretary informs you of your abstract acceptance.

If you have any academic question, please send E-mail to

On-line registration forms are available starting 15 May 2014 on the conference website:

Conference fee includes: admission to all scientific sessions, free entrance to the conference exhibition, conference bag and registration documents including printed program and book of abstracts, book of proceedings, scientific excursion, and coffee breaks.

Meal fees

US$ 100 for all attendees
The meal fee for a delegate covers lunches during the conference and the closing Ceremony Dinner

Transportation fees

US$50 in routes and schedule established and include the visit to the Ganoderma lucidum cultivation in a coffee farm and Grifola frondosa cultivation close to Manizales.

After conference tours

There are tours planned after the Congress

Cartagena de Indias city Only 1hour by plane for an additional US$ 700 National Coffee Heritage Park only two hours by bus or car for an additional US$ 350 (prices can be revised without notice)

If you have any question about tours, please send E-mail to

All payment from non-PRC participants should be in US dollars.

Payment can be made using a Bank Draft, Bank Transfer.

BENEFICIARY Agencia de Viajes y Turismo Aviatur S.A.
BANK Citibank N.A - New York 1
ABA CODE 021000089
ACCOUNT 36228525
SORT CODE 185008

BENEFICIARY Agencia de Viajes y Turismo Aviatur S.A.
BANK GNB Sudameris
ADDRESS CRA. 8 No. 15-42 Bogotá-Colombia
ACCOUNT 01045103-1
ADDRESS Milano Italia Piazza de la Scala 6 C.A.P 20121 Milano
ACCOUNT 100100004420

For foreign exchange transactions (U.S. Dollars and Euros), you should inform your participants that they will incur the transaction costs, so that the invoiced total equals the amount that we receive in our accounts. In addition, please remember that the name of the person that sends the funds must match the name of the person on the invoice.

If you have any question about payment, please send E-mail to Or

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of registration should be sent in writing to the Secretariat by E-mail (

An administrative charge will be deducted from the amount, according to the date the cancellation letter is received. All refunds will be processed after the Conference. Registration fees are not transferable.

Cancellation on or before May 1, 2015: 80% refund.

Cancellation on or before July 1, 2015: 50% refund.

Cancellation after August 1, 2015: no refund.


Hotels and Rates: A number of hotel rooms have been reserved at a special discount rate for symposium participants. Only bookings made through the Symposium Secretariat can take advantage of these rates. All rates are inclusive of taxes and services.

Estelar Hotels

Accommodation Simple Accommodation double Accommodationtriple
Estelar Recinto del Pensamiento USD 90 USD 55 USD 45
Estelar El Cable Estelar El Cable USD 132 USD 81
Estelar Las Colinas USD 80 USD 53 USD 43

Termales El Otono Hotel

Room Size Room type Cost include breakfast and light dinner
Simple USD 123
Double USD 100
Triple USD 90
Quadruple USD 90
Simple USD 123
Double USD 100
Triple USD 90
Quadruple USD 90
Simple USD 200
Double USD 123
Triple USD 104
Quadruple USD 104

Date August 23 to August 28, 2015.

Hotel Reservation: For reservations


1. The room rate includes service charge (tax) and breakfast in Estelar Hotels and Breakfast and light dinner at Termales El Otono Hotel
2. For those who intend to share rooms, please write down your roommate's name in the hotel reservation form online.
3. Check-in time is at 3:00 pm and check-out time is at 12:00 noon.

If you have any question about accommodation, please send E-mail to

Links to Hotels
Termales El Oto?o:
Estelar Hotels Manizales:

Hotel Estelar Recinto del pensamiento, Convention Center
Hotel Estelar El Cable, Manizales City, Residential Zone
Hotel Estelar Las Colinas, Manizales City, Downtown
Hotel Termales El Otono - 5 km from Convention Center Recinto del Pensamiento

The hotels are very close to the conference site. The latter hotels will have a shuttle service in the mornings and afternoons. At the conference center there is a permanent taxi service and the cost from there to any of the other hotels should not exceed six dollars.

Student accommodation
The city has many good hostels with low prices, about USD 20 per night breakfast included
For more information visit the conference website at

General Information

Weather in Manizales
Manizales is located in the Andes. Mountain zone, altitude of 2150 meters
The average daily temperature during the symposium in August is around 18-23°C.

Passport and Visa

A valid passport and a visa are required for entry into Colombia. Visas can be obtained from your nearest consulate. Early registration is advised so that adequate time is allowed for obtaining visas.
To obtain a business visa, participants can provide passport information at the online registration and a scanned copy of passport so that the organizer can prepare and send an official invitation letter, which lists the city where the applicant should apply for the visa, including passport data, the gender of the applicant and the accompanying persons, the date of entry and the length of stay. Alternatively, participants can apply for a tourist visa through a travel agent after booking air tickets and completing the hotel reservation. If you need visa information, please send email to

Letter of invitation

Requests for formal letters of invitation to attend the IMMC8 should be directed to This invitation is only intended to facilitate participants’ travel and visa arrangements. It implies no provision of any support, financial or otherwise.


IMMC8 Address: Recinto del Pensamiento. La Enea, 8 km from down town.
AVIATUR (Airline office information) Address: calle 56 No 23-16
Phone 1-(57) 8863300
Liliana Correa :

By airplane:
Travelers may choose to arrive to the city of Pereira, which has the largest number of flights in the region (airport code: PEI). The airport is about 50 km away from the RECINTO DEL PENSAMIENTO center. If visitors take taxis, it will take 1 hour to get there, and the cost is about USD 40.
Visitors also may choose to arrive to the local Manizales airport (MZL). Free shuttles are available to hotels from the airport.

August 23
August 24
August 25
August 26
August 27
8:30-9:30 8:30-10:30 8:30-10:30 8:30-11:00
Photo and
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
10:00-13:00 10:45-12:30 10:45-12:30 11:30-12:00
14:30-15:30 13:30-15:30 13:30-15:30 14:30-19:00
World Advances
in Medicinal
Mushroom Forum

Scientific Excursion
To Ganoderma
cultivation(Chinchina Caldas)
and Grifola frondosa cultivation
Close to Manizales
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
15:45-18:30 15:45-18:00 15:45-18:00
Latinoamerican Advances
in Medicinal
Mushroom Forum
Welcome Reception
Satellite Symposia

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