Section 1. The name of the organization shall be the International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms (“ISMM”).

Section 2. The organization shall be incorporated in Vancouver, Canada. It may have two offices: one in Vancouver, Canada and one in Beijing, China.


Section 1. ISMM shall be operated as a non-profit international organization. With common aspiration and purpose, it shall be a union of corporations, communities, or individuals in scientific research, education, manufacture, distribution and circulation, marketing, cultural industry, and other related fields involved in the medicinal mushroom industrial chain.

Section 2. Its mission is to promote the global impact of the medicinal mushroom industry for the benefit of human health welfare by upgrading the integration and development in all aspects of the international medicinal mushroom industry.


(1) To organize the International Medicinal Mushroom Conference (IMMC) every couple of years.
(2) To edit and publish ISMM newsletters and communications or other related publications.
(3) To establish and operate the ISMM’s official website providing a platform for member communication in all fields of medicinal mushrooms.
(4) To organize other activities or events for popularization and advertise the development and achievement in the medicinal mushroom industry.
(5) To initiate international academic communication as well as cooperative research, education, or training among different countries.


Section 1. Classes of Members
The Society shall consist of honorary members, corporate members, and regular members. The designation of such classes and the qualifications of the members of such classes shall be as follows:
(1) Honorary members
Honorary members shall be persons who have made remarkable contributions to the academic, industrial or business fields of medicinal mushrooms. The nomination and election of such honorary member candidates shall be the responsibility of the Council of Executive Committee members and the majority of general members, respectively. Honorary membership should not normally exceed two percent of the membership at any one time.
(2) Corporate members
Social organizations or corporations are those involved in different aspects of medicinal mushrooms while employing a certain number of scientific research professionals. Corporate membership shall be accepted to the corporation or organization with the approval of the Council of the Executive Committee.
(3) Regular members
Individual persons, who work in any field referring to medicinal mushrooms, are able to become members of ISMM by submitting a membership application. Once approved by the Council of the Executive Committee, he/she shall be admitted for regular membership.
Honorary members, corporate members, and regular members may have all the rights of membership of the Society. In the bylaws, the term “member” shall include honorary members, corporate members, and regular members unless otherwise stated.

Section 2. Conditions for Acceptance into the Society
The following list of requirements should be satisfied before joining the Society:
(1) Love and devotion to medicinal mushrooms.
(2) A willingness to join the Society without protest.
(3) Be in agreement with ISMM’s bylaws.

Section 3. Membership Registration Procedure
(1) Any person or corporation eligible for membership under these bylaws may fill out membership forms required by the Board.
(2) Acquiring of the Membership Certificate issued by Council Executive Committee or Secretariat with Council Executive Committee’s authorization.
(3) Rejection of the application shall be informed by the Secretariat in writing.

Section 4. Member Rights
(1) Members shall have the rights of voting, electing, and being elected.
(2) Members shall be able to take part in any activities or events organized by ISMM.
(3) Members shall be able to take preferential discounts when acquiring the services from ISMM.
(4) Members shall be able to supervise the operation of the Society as well as offer their suggestions towards any necessary improvement.
(5) Membership in this Society may be terminated by voluntary resignation.

Section 5. Member Duties or Responsibilities
(1) Shall be in compliance with ISMM’s bylaws and important resolutions.
(2) Shall actively participate in ISMM’s events and activities.
(3) Shall promote the awareness and reputation of ISMM and recommend new members to join the Society.
(4) Shall assume the duties entrusted by the Society.
(5) Shall voluntarily provide the latest information referring to the development of the medicinal mushroom industry in order to update the website or the Society’s publications.

Section 6. Termination of Membership
(1) Membership shall be automatically terminated if the individual/corporation has been absent in any of ISMM’s activities or events within five years.
(2) Voluntary Termination of Membership: A member who wishes to terminate his/her membership shall give written notice to the Secretariat. The resignation shall be effective on the date of acknowledgement by the Secretariat. All rights, privileges, and interest of the member in or to the Society shall cease upon termination of membership.
(3) Removal of membership shall be conducted and proclaimed with the cause of having seriously broken the bylaws, by following the resolutions after the group vote of the Council Executive Committee.
(4) The Membership Certificate shall be returned to the Secretariat as soon as the membership is terminated.

Section 7. Transfer of Membership
Membership in this Society shall NOT be transferable or assignable in any way.


Section 1. To promote the influence of the Society during the start-up period, there are no annual dues for members.

Section 2. The payment for annual dues will be open. The Council of the Executive Committee shall determine the rate of payment. The Secretariat will notify members on schedules of payment.

Section 3. Financial support for the Society may be contributed by social and personal donations, commercial sponsorship, income from approved business activities (providing services or organizing events), as well as other legitimate sources of incomes, etc.


Section 1. Committees
(1) Office members
The Office members of the Society shall include the Honorary President, President, Executive Chairman, Vice President, General Secretary, and Treasurer. Elections for membership of the Office shall be held every two years. After fulfilling a two-year term, new Office members will be elected by the members in the Council of the Executive Committee. The previous officers should be re-elected for no more than four consecutive two-year terms (for a total of eight years).
(2) Council members
Council members shall be composed of outstanding global representatives in the field of medicinal mushrooms. The Office members of the Society shall nominate the Council members.
(3) Executive Committee
Members of the Executive Committee shall be made up of Office and Council members. These members will also make up the Editorial Board members of the ISMM’s Newsletters.
(4) Council of the Executive Committee
The Council of the Executive Committee shall hold the executive authority of the Society. A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be convened after each IMMC (every two years). During the Inter-session period of IMMC, the Council of the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the functional operation of the Society.

Section 2. Committees’ responsibility
(1) Honorary President
The Honorary Presidents of the Society shall be awarded to Professor S.T. Chang and Professor S.P. Wasser in honor of their outstanding contributions to the development of international medicinal mushrooms.
(2) President
The President, one of the chief leaders in the Society, shall be in charge of initiating and chairing the International Medicinal Mushroom Conference as well as directing the group’s meeting of the Council of the Executive Committee every couple of years as well as supervising the implementation of the Council’s resolutions. The term of the position shall be for two years. According to election results, reappointment shall be possible, but should be less than four consecutive two-year terms.
(3) Executive Chairman
Executive Chairman shall perform such duties as prescribed by the President and the Executive Committee, as well as the preparation of the International Medicinal Mushroom Conference and meetings of the Council of the Executive Committee in the Society.
(4) Vice President
The Vice President shall assist the President and Executive Chairman in the prescribed duties.
(5) General Secretary
The General Secretary shall be responsible for the implementation of the Society’s resolutions. Meanwhile, this position shall manage daily affairs of the Council of the Executive Committee, as well as operations of the Society, which specifically refers to promotion of memberships, publicity of the Society, organization of activities, official website operation, publication and distribution of Society newsletters, communication intermediary for the Executive members in the Society. The General Secretary shall also have other prescribed duties assigned by the Honorary President and President of the Society.
(6) Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be apprised of all financial conditions of the Society, and shall regularly report these conditions to the Council of the Executive Committee with proper accounting records of the Society. The position shall also take on the prescribed duties assigned to him/her by the Council of the Executive Committee and the President.
(7) Executive Committee
In the Society, the executive committee member shall serve as members on the Editorial Board of the ISMM’s newsletters. The executive members shall be willing to contribute 2-3 academic articles on scientific research or industry development for publication in the newsletter annually, as well as recommend 2-3 articles on the latest research progress or significant events in medicinal mushroom industries every 3 months.
(8) Council of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall meet every two years to discuss matters of the Society, regulate the charges of dues or fees, make decisions for the appointment or removal of executive members, as well as recommend or suggest the host city for the next International Medicinal Mushroom Conference, etc.


For the continuous development of the Society, amendments of the bylaws shall be necessary with the approval of the Council of the Executive Committee. All changes in the bylaws will be reported in writing to the membership. The Society shall reserve the right to interpret all regulations and changes within the bylaws.

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