Classes of Members

The Society shall consist of honorary members, corporate members, and regular members. The designation of such classes and the qualifications of the members of such classes shall be as follows:

(1) Honorary members

 Honorary members shall be persons who have made remarkable contributions to the academic, industrial or business fields of medicinal mushrooms. The nomination and election of such honorary member candidates shall be the responsibility of the Council of Executive Committee members and the majority of general members, respectively. Honorary membership should not normally exceed two percent of the membership at any one time.

(2) Corporate members

Social organizations or corporations are those involved in different aspects of medicinal mushrooms while employing a certain number of scientific research professionals. Corporate membership shall be accepted to the corporation or organization with the approval of the Council of the Executive Committee.

(3) Regular members

Individual persons, who work in any field referring to medicinal mushrooms, are able to become members of ISMM by submitting a membership application. Once approved by the Council of the Executive Committee, he/she shall be admitted for regular membership.

Honorary members, corporate members, and regular members may have all the rights of membership of the Society. In the bylaws, the term “member” shall include honorary members, corporate members, and regular members unless otherwise stated. 

Conditions for Acceptance into the Society

The following list of requirements should be satisfied before joining the Society:

(1) Love and devotion to medicinal mushrooms.

(2) A willingness to join the Society without protest.

(3) Be in agreement with ISMM’s bylaws.

Membership Registration Procedure

(1) Any person or corporation eligible for membership under these bylaws may fill out membership forms required by the Board.

(2) Acquiring of the Membership Certificate issued by Council Executive Committee or Secretariat with Council Executive Committee’s authorization.

(3) Rejection of the application shall be informed by the Secretariat in writing.

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