Member Rights 

(1) Members shall have the rights of voting, electing, and being elected. 
(2) Members shall be able to take part in any activities or events organized by ISMM. 
(3) Members shall be able to take preferential discounts when acquiring the services from ISMM. 
(4) Members shall be able to supervise the operation of the Society as well as offer their suggestions towards any necessary improvement. 
(5) Membership in this Society may be terminated by voluntary resignation.

Member Duties or Responsibilities 

(1) Shall be in compliance with ISMM’s bylaws and important resolutions. 
(2) Shall actively participate in ISMM’s events and activities. 
(3) Shall promote the awareness and reputation of ISMM and recommend new members to join the Society. 
(4) Shall assume the duties entrusted by the Society. 
(5) Shall voluntarily provide the latest information referring to the development of the medicinal mushroom industry in order to update the website or the Society’s publications.

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